Commitment to Community


Tenaska strives to be a good and responsible neighbor in communities where it does business. The company cultivates long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local leaders and residents built on respect, value and trust. Those bonds are formed during the planning and development process for its power projects and continue throughout the life of the plants. Tenaska depends on those good working relationships and open dialogue with local leaders to help maximize the benefits to the community while also ensuring its plants remain competitive businesses and stable employers.

Tenaska has already established those relationships in Westmoreland County. In addition to continued communication with local leaders and neighbors, the company is a member of the Economic Growth Connection Westmoreland and Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce.


Construction of the Tenaska Westmoreland Generating Station is expected to boost the local economy, with a construction cost of more than $500 million, and to provide more property tax revenue to local units of government. Tenaska Westmoreland has created approximately 650 jobs during peak construction and up to 25 well-paying, full-time jobs during operation. Tenaska is committed to hiring locally when possible and works with contractors that help fulfill that commitment.

Once operational, the Tenaska Westmoreland Generating Station would be a good business neighbor. Tenaska has a longstanding record of support for broad-based community programs, from local youth organizations to food pantries and the United Way. Employees mirror the company’s commitment to being good neighbors in the communities where they work.

Tenaska makes community involvement a priority where it does business.

As part of its commitment to being a good neighbor, Tenaska provides significant economic benefits and contributes to community-building programs in locations where its plants operate. Highlights across our U.S. fleet include:

  • More than $12.9 million in tax revenue paid for 2017 to local government and schools
  • Approximately 180 well-paying, full-time operations jobs at plant locations in six states
  • Approximately $650,000 in scholarships provided to 800 college-bound seniors to date
  • Thousands of hours of time donated annually by employees to community projects, from serving on school boards and Chambers of Commerce to tutoring students and coaching athletics.